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Nilubol Pais is the Thai / English translator

Nilubol Pais

Nilubol works as a full time translator for the Starfish Country Home School Foundation in Chiang Mai.
Nilubol has received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Chiang Mai University and a Master in Business Administration from St. Joseph's University, Pennsylvania, USA. Once back to Thailand from the US, Nilubol was employed as an English Teacher at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai and at the CMU in Chiangmai. After marrying Daniele, Nilubol moved to UK where she worked as a translator for Language Matters in London. This last experience gave Nilubol a kickstart in translations and she has now gained great experience with loads of work in this field.

Daniele Pais

Daniele is currently self employed as a full time freelance web and graphic designer, originally born in Italy. After living in US / UK and the Caribbean he is now living with Nilubol and Emilia here in Thailand.
Daniele is a tech enthusiast and a "pro" on computers in both hardware and software. He holds a computer technician certification and his passion for anything digital leds him into web design.
Daniele takes care of the Italian Translations for your documents and if needed also for your web site. Translations can be done in to both Thai and English language. See Daniele's Portfolio here

Daniele Pais is the Italian / English translator

Emilia Pais is the one who always perform the final check and fixes mistakes

Emilia Pais

Born in Chiangmai then moved to UK when she was almost two year old, Emilia is the "de facto" English mother tongue in the house. As she likes grammar, puntuaction and literature, Emilia is also very attentive and never uses any method or rule if is not "in the book". She often offers her help and scans documents and writings to find even the simpliest mistake. Emilia is a great help and we always ask her to check here and there to see if she can spot that little "Typo".




We can translate any of your personal documents, such as Birth Certificate or Marriage.
We also translate Transcripts, Letter of Reccomendation, Job Description, Portfolio, Curriculum Vitae.....whatever you throw at matter how big or small, we'll translate them for you.


In this category we include documents that are related to your business and that can contain many pages.
This include Product descriptions, manuals, businesss plans, memorandums, meeting agendas, minutes, workflows, deals and charts. We can also translate Hotel and Restaurant menu and brochures.


Your website might look great all written in Thai but if you are also tagetting foreign markets such as US and Europe, you definitely need to add additional pages written in English.
Same apply for English or Italian only web sites, web app, content management. If you are here in Thailand, you need to have a Thai version.